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Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Dhaka, Bangladesh. More than 1,100 people were killed. As detailed in this story, some progress has been made in improving conditions for Bangladeshi factory workers, but there is still a long way to go, particularly as large American retailers like Target and Wal-Mart haven’t signed on to the international inspection agreement. (They say they’re doing their own inspections.)

The victims’ fund also remains critically underfunded as many brands that bought clothes from the factory—including JC Penney and Benetton—have failed to make contributions.

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Tegan & Sara (feat. The Lonely Island),
The Lego Movie



this song is a gem.

My kids are obsessed with this song right now. Noah just runs around singing “Everything is awesome” over and over and over.

He had a nightmare last night and I played this for him to cheer him up and it worked like a charm. Lol

This is on constant repeat while we’re in the car and Jack sings along as loud as he can.


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Tom Hiddleston seen filming scenes for Crimson Peak in Toronto on April 23, 2014 [HQ]


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High-five for open minded people

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Lego Hellboy Bust by Tyler Halliwell


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Once upon a midnight DEAL WITH IT.

I give a fuck, nevermore.

merely a bro, nothing more.

#suddenly there came a swagging as of someone gangsta rapping #rapping at my chamber door

Quoth the raven, “Swag galore”


#edgar allan bro

And my mom still doesn’t get why tumblr is so fucking amazing.

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